“In The Wild” Module 3 (Age 7-10)

Opening Video - Module 3

Warm-Up Activity: Hybrid Animal

Think of two animals you think are awesome and combine them to make a new animal! When we combine two different animals into one, we call it a hybrid! Full activity write-up here: Module 3_ Hybrid Animals (1)

Create a Creature

Use recycled items and your imagination to create your own creature! You can make your favorite animal, an animal you find interesting, or use your imagination to invent a new animal! Full activity write-up here: Module 3_ Create a Creature

Movement Break - Urbanity Dance

Chromatography Crafts

You will learn how to do color chromatography – or separating the colors that make up another color, to create beautiful prints. Using these prints, you can represent something out of nature, like a butterfly, flower, or an animal! Full activity write-up here: Module 3_ Chromatography Crafts

Optional: Share Your Adventures on Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a way for explorers to show-and-tell their work to other explorers. Caregivers should supervise any sharing on Flipgrid. For full instructions and sharing guidelines, click here: Flipgrid How-To

Live Creature Feature at 1pm EST

Tune in for a live Creature Feature with Oliver, the ball python, at 1pm EST on Wednesday July 8th.

To watch the live stream, please follow THIS LINK (a one-time free download of video meeting software is required).

If you are unable to watch live, a recording is below.

Creature Feature (July 8th, 2020)