Summer Camp Overview

Boston Children’s Museum’s Explore It Summer Camp will provide full-day, in-person, week-long summer camp experiences for curious learners entering grades K-2. Campers will be able to engage in hands-on STEAM activities, explore the Museum, and spend time playing outside. The camp will be staffed by Boston Children’s Museum’s educators, and safety and fun will be top priorities!

Fees. A full-day camp week 9pm to 4pm daily is six hundred dollars. Week long extended care 4pm to 5pm daily is one hundred dollars per week. For more information about fees and refund policy, please visit our FAQ page in the menu at the top of the page.
Registration. Register for children in grades k to two. Museum members registration opens march fifteenth. non members registration opens march eighteenth. Each group will have ten children and two museum staff members. registrants must be at least five years old on the first day of April adventure week. To find out more about the April adventure week experience, please contact us.
The first two weeks are full. Week one is July fifth to ninth. Week two is july twelfth to sixteenth. Week three is July nineteenth to twenty third. Week four is July twenty sixth to thirtieth. Week 3 and 4 still have space. For more information about the camp schedule, visit the FAQ page in the menu at the top of this page.
Example Schedule. 9 a m opening circle. Steam Activity. Lunch and Play Outside. Themed activity of the day. Museum exploration. 4 p m closing circle.
Activity Examples. Steam Activities. Tower building earthquake challenge. Exploring ice. Nature rubbings. Zipline rockets. Balls and ramps. Boat building. d i y scented palydough. Themed Activities. Messy Monday. Critter Tuesday. Water Wednesday. Kid stage thursday. Free form friday.
Please note: Covid nineteen safety is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, campers and staff will be required to follow these guidelines. six fee physical distancing. face coverings required at times. a self certification form indicating good health will be required to be completed by caregivers for each child. Note - Boston Children's Museum will continue to monitor any and all state and local covid nineteen regulations and standards, and will communicate implementation to families accordingly.

Explore It Summer Camp will comply with regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and will be licensed by the Boston Board of Health.