“In The Water” Module 14 (Age 7-10)

Opening Video - Module 14

Warm-Up: Fireworks in a Jar

In this activity, you will see how water and oil interacts by creating visual fireworks in a jar!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 14 Warm-Up_FireworksinaJar

Oil Spill Clean Up

Engineers and scientists have found ways to clean large oil spills and they are continuously trying to find new and better ways to clean oil spills. Of course, the goal is to not harm the environment by not spilling any oil in the first place. But when there is an oil spill, it’s very important to be able to clean it up as quickly as possible. We challenge you to clean a mini-oil spill!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here:Module 14 Oil Spill Clean Up

Movement Break - Urbanity Dance

Create your own Bubble Wands

In this activity, you will learn how to make your own bubbles solution, then you will create 3-D shapes out of pipe cleaners to try making different bubble shape creations!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here:  Module 14 Bubbles

Optional: Share Your Adventures on Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a way for Explorers to show-and-tell their work to other explorers. Caregivers should supervise any sharing on Flipgrid. For full instructions and sharing guidelines, click here: Flipgrid How-To

Live Feature at 1pm EST: Museum Collections

Live Feature at 1pm EST on August 4th: Boston Children’s Museum Collections! Follow this link.

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A recording of this stream will be uploaded within 24 hours of the feature.

Live Feature - Museum Collections!