“In The Construction Zone” Module 12 (Age 7-10)

Opening Video - Module 12

Warm-Up: Demolition

Often, construction work begins with demolition. In order to build a structure, something may need to be destroyed to make space for the new structure – like an old wall, house, or building. 

You will create a structure and a wrecking ball to demolish that structure!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 12_Demolition

Create your Own Construction Vehicle with TinkerCAD

Use TinkerCAD to learn about three-dimensional objects and create your own construction vehicle!

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 12_TinkerCAD Construction Vehicle

Movement Break - Urbanity Dance

Earthquake Resistant Structures

When constructing a building, it is important to think about the landscape, climate, and weather where the building is. For areas that are known to have earthquakes, engineering buildings that can stay standing through an earthquake is very important. 

However, when designing and constructing a building, there are limited supplies. Construction projects have a budget, a certain amount of money that can be spent. We challenge you to engineer a building that can withstand an earthquake and stays within a budget.

For more instructions, please view the full write-up here: Module 12_Engineering Earthquake Resistent Structures

Optional: Share Your Adventures on Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a way for Explorers to show-and-tell their work to other explorers. Caregivers should supervise any sharing on Flipgrid. For full instructions and sharing guidelines, click here: Flipgrid How-To

Live Feature: Japanese House in Boston Children's Museum

Tune in for a live tour of Boston Children’s Museum’s Japanese House exhibit. The stream will start at 1pm EST on July 29th, 2020.

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If you were unable to watch the live stream, a recording is available below

Feature - Tour of Japanese House at Boston Children's Museum

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